1. 5 Summer Workout Tips to Achieve your 2018 Fitness Resolutions

    Summers are officially here and in full force. The ball of fire, the sun is shining bright, up in the sky, the days have become long, giving you more time to tap on to your potential. So, it is time to shed the winter comfort zone, cover up all the faltering you have been doing on the pretext of the chilly weather. The time is ripe to scale up your fitness level and achieve your 2018 fitness resolutions. Below are the 5 summer workout tips that will help you make every target, a reality.

    morning jogging

    1. Start Running: Now is the time to take up outdoor runs and embrace the sun. Studies indicate exercising outside is revitalizing for the body, increases the energy levels and helps burn more calories. So, what we suggest is sign up for the next marathon in your city? This is a perfect way to keep yourself on the toes and take up running. Moreover, if you don’t get time in the morning, then take up running in the evening. Make the most of the long daylight hours and try to achieve your resolutions with a morning or evening workout regime, and indulge in the best full body summer work-out plan.

    walking workout during summer

    2. Take Up Walking in the Evening: If you are comfortable running in the morning, then don’t let go of the evening time. You can schedule your walking sessions for the evening. It is a great way to reach your goal of 10000 steps a day. Additionally, walking outside can make you energetic even after a long day. Such is the power of walking outside. So, if you are tired and want to call it a day, then try going for a stroll and feel the difference in your energy levels. It is the perfect summer workout plan to lose weight, too.

    swimming workout

    3. Opt for a Sport: Summers is also the perfect time to take up a sport of your choice. It is a great summer workout. Whether it is swimming, soccer or tennis, just pick as per your preference and have a fun time, while burning calories. It will be truly revitalizing and distressing, and will help you get in shape too.

    eat green vegetables during workout

    4. Plan a New Diet: There is a range of new vegetables and fruits that have hit the local market. So, other than working on your fitness routine for summer, it is also the time to revisit your diet and incorporate the flavours of the season. This will help you indulge in new tastes and seasonal fruits and vegetables. And chances are that you will enjoy it!

    men's gym vests

    5. Buy new Workout Wear: Along with renewing your fitness regime and changing your diet plan, it is also essential to invest in new workout wear. It works as a great motivation, too. So, look for Tracks, Bermuda and T-shirts in fabric and colour of the season and give your wardrobe workout a complete makeover. And if you are looking for trendy and comfortable men’s summer workout gear, then you can view the collection by Sporto. An exciting, new range awaits, and there is a new vest collection too. Any fitness enthusiast will swear by a vest for workouts during summers. If it is your style too, then you can view and order from here.

    Try adopting these workout tips and gear up for your fitness resolutions. You are already 5 months into 2018 and it is time you maximise your potential, and make the most of this season. Try different workouts, seasonal fruits and vegetables, and accomplish a major part of your fitness resolution before the season ends. Make an ultimate summer workout plan and challenge all your previous fitness goals and regime.

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  2. How to Sleep Better Tonight

    How to Sleep Better Tonight

    A good night’s sleep is essential for everyone. Whether you live a sedentary life or you are an athlete, your everyday performance will be impacted due to poor sleep. Sound sleep and even nap for that matter is important because when you sleep your body releases growth hormone, which repairs your muscles and benefits in various physiological processes. It is for this reason that some people swear by 8 or even 9 hours of sleep for maximizing their potential. But, not everyone has that kind of time. So, instead of increasing the sleep time it is essential to learn ways to sleep better.

    Before, we get into the process of improvising your sleep tonight, let’s briefly understand the several stages of sleep that a body goes through every night.

    different stages of sleep

    So, instead of stressing over the sleep duration, one should focus on the sleep quality. Look at some sleeping tips here for a sound sleep tonight.

    benefits of yoga for good night sleep

    1. Meditate Before You Sleep: Calming your mind and body is the trick to that good night sleep. Instead of trying to sleep after going to bed, start the habit of meditation. It will help you to relax and is an easy way to fall asleep faster. So, keep 5 minutes aside every day before bed and feel the difference.

    optimal temperature for sleeping

    2. Set the Room Temperature, right: The room temperature needs to be set right for if you are having trouble falling asleep. If the temperature is too high or low, it will be difficult for the body to adapt. So, try to set the temperature to 21 degrees or a little lower to drop the body temperature quickly and settle into the slumber mode.

    don't use gadgets while going to sleep

    3. Keep Away All Gadgets & Electronics: Problem is not just the smartphone in your hand, which inhibits the sleep, but all the gadgets and electronics in your home. There are several studies and research, which indicate that the blue light emitted from TV, laptop, smartphones makes it difficult for you to fall asleep. So, try to keep away from all electronics at least an hour before you go to bed, if you want to improve your sleep naturally.

    bed time reading for good night sleep

    4. A Bedtime Story: Wondering what to do during the last hour before you go to bed? Well, give the books a try. Your best friend forever, try reading a book and see how quickly you will be slumbering. But, if you just can’t read, then download some application and enjoy listening to a story, rather than reading it. It is one of the best ways to get sleep.

    listening music while going to sleep

    5. Tune into Some Music: If you don’t like reading, then try listening to some calming music. It can help to improve the rest rate and REM sleep. You can search for different pre-sleep tracks and sleep your way to some comforting music. It is yet another natural way to fall asleep.

    Using the above means, you can benefit with a good night’s sleep. In addition, try incorporating some form of physical activity. It is also a secret to good sleep. Yoga, gym or run, you can give any of these a try as per your preference and convenience. This will also help you to sleep better. If you are thinking how to get into the zone, then read this blog to get started. And if you are looking for the right workout wear too, then Sporto Red has a range to spoil you silly. You can view the range of track pants, capris etc. and have the perfect workout attire to get you going.

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  3. Do you Swear by Walking ?

    Do you Swear by Walking ?

    When it comes to exercising, walking doesn’t always get the respect it actually deserves. If you have so far been following that an apple a day keeps the doctor away, then it is time you try the same for walking. From losing weight to de-stressing, benefits of walking are many, which you can experience only after you start doing it consistently. Yes, consistency is the key for any physical activity and the same holds true for walking. From taking care of your mood swings to chronic diseases, walking can help you in your overall well-being.Below are the many benefits of walking and you will also start swearing by it.

    1. Physical Benefits: As you start walking, you will see your waist line trimming and belly fat reducing. There may not be an instant difference on the weighing scales, but walking will play its magic and give you overall effect in the long run. It is one form of exercise in which your complete body is put to use. Your arms, legs, upper body all is in motion and can give you the desired results. Studies indicate people who go for a walk are less likely to be obese.

                                               lose weight by walking daily

    2. Keep Chronic & Lifestyle Diseases at Bay: The physical benefits of walking daily are not just restricted to a slimmer waist, but it goes a long way in keeping you fit and fine. Yes, regular walks can prevent chronic and lifestyle diseases like BP, diabetes, cholesterol, heart ailments and more. If we take the case of diabetes, walking regulates the blood sugar levels, keeps insulin levels low and diabetes at bay. So, if you don’t want these sedentary lifestyles related problems, then start walking and live a healthy life. But, even if you are already suffering from these health issues, then research indicates 45 minute walk every day can help you regulate your blood sugar levels. If you are not able to walk at a stretch, then try 15-20 minutes of walk after every meal and see the difference.

    benefits of walking daily

    3. Emotional Well-Being: Are you suffering from those mood swings? Then, it’s time you give walking a try. A perfect exercise for your emotional well-being. Whether you are getting those depression tendencies or suddenly tend to get angry, then start walking for health and fitness. Several studies indicate that walking can modify your nervous system and decrease the tendency of anger and hostility. Moreover, when you take up walking you start interacting with people in the vicinity or at the gym. It makes you social and helps you to de-stress. Moreover, a walk under the sun gives you the much needed dose of Vitamin D easing those body aches and pains, and making you feel refreshed all the time.

    exercise tips

    4. Ideal for Good Night Sleep: When you walk around, exposing your body to sunlight your body aligns with the surroundings better as it recalibrates the hormone melatonin. As the levels of this hormone increase, so does your feeling of sleepiness. For that ideal good night sleep, you should do walking exercise and get your body accustomed to the city. You should follow this rule, even when travelling to a new city and ensure that your sleep is not disturbed even while travelling.

    fitness walking

    5. It’s Easy, It’s Affordable: You just need a pair of good shoes to get you going. Walking is the best exercise, it doesn’t require any training or investment. Just a pair of shoes and comfortable clothing can get you going. It is accessible, easy and affordable way of staying fit.
    If you are thinking that workout clothes will be an expensive affair, then we suggest you check the range of Sporto Red. Classy, cool and comfortable, from track pants to T-shirts, you can explore the complete collection of workout wear at Sporto to keep you going. Check the range at, order your workout wear online and get going to swear by walking, and reap the many benefits of walking daily.

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  4. 4 Tips to Level up Your Core

    4 Tips to Level up Your Core

    Having a strong core is on your mind? Looking for ways to speed up the progress? Yes, time can seem to be passing very slowly when you are on a mission of strengthening your core. So, some means need to be adopted to provide you with quick, visible results from the core exercises. Making your core strong is extremely important, thanks to its many benefits. It’s a strong core that will help you perform your best at the gym, field and even your daily chores. If you want to avoid that back pain, then start strengthening your core. If you want to have the perfect body posture, then also work on your core. But, how to work on levelling it up. There is definitely more than just doing more repetitions or adding weight. Below are 4 tips that can come handy and help you in having a core you always wanted. 

                                    palate exercises to strengthen core

    1. Slow Down: If you have already tried doing more repetitions, then try slowing down now. Yes, when the next time you are doing your core strengthening exercises, just do it slowly and feel every movement. While, doing the crunches, try to pause and feel the difference or when doing reverse crunches try the lengthening trick.   

                                     core strengthening exercises

    2. Play with the Lever Strength: The lever plays a big role in helping you strengthen your core. When it comes to using the lever it is the interplay of your muscles and bones, which makes it work to your advantage. So, when you want to make your core strong, you need to increase the lever length to feel the intensity. As you increase the lever strength it will be difficult for you to hold your abs in a steady position, while doing core stability exercises. When the next time you are doing those planks, try to further your arms in front of you, and then enjoy the plank challenge. 

                                    exercises to strengthen core

    3. Exhale Completely: Doing core exercises? Follow the breathing rule carefully to get the most from your core body workouts. As you start doing abdominal exercise, start exhaling completely and you can feel that shake, that burn. These are clear indicators of your ab pushing beyond the boundaries.

                                    young man resting on armchair

    4. Don’t Forget to Rest: If you thought, doing core muscle strengthening everyday will help you achieve the results faster, then pause and think over. Like any other muscle in your body, your abs also need some rest. Instead of overtraining and spoiling your performance, plan your core workout in a proper manner and stick to it. Maybe, doing core exercise thrice a week can give you optimum results. 

    Along with the above four tips when doing core workouts for men, try to regulate the consumption of carbohydrates in your diet to get the best results. Exercising is great, but if you don’t do it in the proper manner with the right technique you will not get the results. So, you should either seek assistance of a professional or read enough literature to give you the right results. Along with the right technique, you should also focus on the right clothing. Your workout wear should be such that it facilitates, rather inhibit your performance. So, work your way to a great core with the above tips and perfect workout wear from the house of Sporto. You can get comfy T-shirts, Capris, track pants and Bermuda shorts to get you going. View the collection at Sporto Red and let’s help you have a core you always aspired with the best core body workouts

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  5. 5 Small Yet Significant Ways to Burn Calories

    You hit the gym every morning? You indulge in clean eating and portion control? These big changes are significant and will help you achieve your weight loss target in the long run. But, if you want to see visible results faster, then doing a little extra can be amazingly beneficial. There is an old Hungarian proverb, “Many small things can add up a big one”. So, along with your daily fitness regime and clean eating habits, if you adopt these 5 changes you can get significant results on your calories burn chart. Here are 5 small yet significant ways of burning calories.

    1.Ditch the Elevator: If you stay in one of those high rises or your office is on the higher floors, then ditching the elevator and taking the staircase can be the perfect calorie burning workout. Climbing the stairs up and down is a perfect way of increasing the heart beat and burning those calories. Say your office is on the 5th floor and you take the steps, you will end up exercising at least 3 times a day, i.e. once when you reach the office, for lunch break and when you leave for home.

    2.Walk: As much as you Can: Of course, the 10,000 steps target is on your head all the time, which you try to achieve with a fitness regime. But, how about walking a few extra steps and burning some more calories every day. Try a 15-minute walk after lunch whether at home or office, if you are looking for ways how to burn calories fast. It is a great way of refreshing yourself and of torching some extra calories. Otherwise, try parking your car a little far from the home or office building and walk up. From your existing walking target, try walking a 1000 steps extra, every day. It will definitely show up in your weight loss.

    3.Stand & Work: Sitting is already being considered the new smoking. So, how about standing and working. It will help you shed some calories and benefit with a perfect posture. Sitting for prolonged hours and working before the computer is leading to various lifestyle diseases. Too much sitting is also injurious for health. So, try a standing desk and burn calories, maintain blood sugar levels and a perfect body posture. It is one of the best exercises to burn calories.

    4.Bike to Work: If you can, then bike to work every day. It is fun and a great way of staying in shape. Just be sure that the route from home to office is bike friendly. Cycling every day to work can be a fun way of getting around and an exercise that burns the most calories. Otherwise, you can also plan biking for leisure. So, instead of taking the car to the supermarket, opt for a bike and enjoy the many benefits of cycling.

    5.Time for Calisthenics: Whenever you get time, indulge in some jumping jacks, planks or pushups and achieve your fitness target faster. When you wake up in the morning, do some jumping jacks and get your body out of the slumber mode. Likewise, when waiting to hit the shower, do some quick pushups or planks. These are easy ways to burn calories throughout the day.

    Try incorporating these 5 changes in your daily routine and have a commendable calorie burn chart at the end of each day. It will help you burn calories, stay fit and energetic for long. If possible, switch to athleisure wear at least when home or over the weekends. This way you will be able to work out and move your body with ease. If you are looking for such athleisure wear, then check the range of Sporto Red. There are comfortable track pants, T-Shirts, Capris and Bermuda shorts, and you can opt for the most comfortable attire. You can view the complete range at and have the perfect, work out friendly wardrobe.

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  6. 5 Ways to Get into the Zone

    5 Ways to Get into the Zone

    If you wish to make a difference, then you need to get into the zone. Whether you are aiming to play that game well or achieve the marathon target, you can make it all possible by getting into the right mode, the right zone. Other than your everyday routine, it is the control over mind, it’s the right mindset that can help you achieve the impossible.Below are the 5 ways to get into the zone.

     runner sweating after cardio workout

    1. Imagine what you wish to Achieve: When you imagine what you wish to achieve the process becomes a joyful one. If running the marathon in a particular time frame is on your mind, then imagine the happiness when you accomplish it. By picturing yourself running fast, feeling strong and reaching the finishing line can boost your confidence level, manifold. This is true not just for running, but achieving a fitness target as well. Just imagine the fit you and people praising you, and the sheer sense of joy will give you the push to achieve that big target. So, make the vision a realistic one, get all your senses involved and go ahead embrace your target.

    man doing mind control meditation

    2. Meditate & Focus: To get into the zone, it is important to have control over your mind, to get out of your head. For this meditating and focusing is important. If you are a pro at meditating, then simply practice it each day for 15 to 20 minutes. Otherwise, focus on your mind, on your body for up to 30 seconds and then on your surroundings. Repeat this mind control meditation for a couple of times and establish the control over your mind.

    Two athletic men running

    3. Boost Your Confidence: If you are thinking of ways how to develop confidence? Then, change the way you look at yourself. Your thoughts can limit your personality, your thoughts can impact your confidence. So, visualize yourself as a superhuman, with capabilities unheard of. Don’t limit yourself, rather think and make yourself stronger, faster and better.

    main doing deep breathing

    4. Thankful Thoughts: Another way of calming and controlling your mind is by getting things in perspective. Think about the thankful thoughts, which will have a positive influence on your mind set. You can come up with any three to five things that you are thankful about and let it play its magic. The power of mental thanks can be phenomenal when you incorporate it in your fitness plan.

    5. And Breathe: This is the most powerful tool in your hand, if you are pondering how to build confidence? The power of inhale and exhale, which helps you to calm your mind and give your best shot on every performance. Know more about the power of breathe in, breathe out at sporto .in and make the most of this read.

    To give your best performance every time and to achieve your fitness goals, believe in the power of getting into the zone. Once you control your mind and your senses, you can achieve even the most difficult dream. After all, it is definitely a brain game. So, think positive, visualize your goals being achieved and make your fitness goals, a reality. Let nothing deter you to give your best performance. Of course to feel good and happy, compliment your wardrobe with the best in class sportswear. The way you look plays an important role too. So, remember to dress well. If you want to buy stylish and cool, workout wear, then you can view the range here at Sporto Red. There are trendy track pants, cool capris for men and comfy T-Shirts at Sporto Red that will help you deliver your best in every performance.

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  7. Low Calorie or a Nutrient Rich Diet

    When it comes to what you eat, you need to take your decision wisely as what you eat influences your health and performance. It affects your body’s ability to work efficiently through the day by providing the much needed energy. The food you eat also works as a fuel for your cells and brain. So, planning your meal is important by including nutrient dense foods. Don’t fall prey to counting calories and depriving your body of the much needed nutrition to perform and function well. So, knowing and understanding the meaning of empty calorie and nutrient dense food is important, before you work on your meal plans.

    zero calorie foods

    Empty Calorie Food
    It refers to food, which is rich in sugar, unhealthy fat and carbohydrates, but lacks in vital nutrients. Most processed and packaged food items fall in this category. They are handy, easily accessible and sometimes cheap too, but are simply zero calorie foods. Such food items may give instant energy to your body to perform. However, they have only a negative effect on your health and can lead to obesity and health problems like Type 2 Diabetes, Cholesterol and more.

    nutrient dense foods

    Nutrient Rich Diet
    As against empty calorie food, nutrient rich foods provide the much needed fuel, energy and vital nutrients to your body. It actually nourishes your body and helps you in leading a healthy life. Food items, which are rich in vitamins, minerals, fibre, probiotics, essential fatty acids and more come in this category and nurture your health. They may be high in calories, but are essential for your good health.

    How to Plan your Meal?
    If you want to lose weight, then you can look for options that provide you a nutrient rich diet, but with less calories. So, if you have planned a 400 calorie lunch, then indulging in baked pizza or pasta with veggies may not be the right option. Rather, you should nurture yourself with a whole wheat chapatti, pulses and veggies. Likewise, when it comes to snacks, choose healthy options like sprouts, salads, and such food items. Going for packaged and processed food items may have less calories, but will not be high nutrient foods. When you are planning your meals, don’t try to fill them with empty calories, rather opt for a nutrient rich diet, which will help you live healthy and nourish your body in the long run. Likewise, even to maintain your weight and to lead a healthy life, choosing nutrient rich food over empty calorie food items is important.

    mineral rich foods

    Don’t Forget to Work Out!
    Along with following a nutrient dense meal plan, you should try to work out for 30-40 minutes every day. Incorporating some form of physical activity is essential for your overall well-being. Whether you want to indulge in yoga, running, gym or any other sport, you can choose among the many options and incorporate a physical regime. As per your preference and comfort level, you should look for appropriate workout wear. If you are looking for stylish and comfortable workout attire, then you can check the range of Sporto Red. There are colourful T-shirts, stylish track pants and comfortable athletic jersey and you can choose as per your requirement. See the complete product range at and wear a hot, workout look every day. So, follow a nutrient dense diet with mineral rich foods and burn those extra calories to stay in shape and to stay healthy and happy.

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  8. How to Make Body Weight Routine More Effective ?

    Is your body weight routine not giving the expected results? Are you getting bored with the existing body weight routine? The very fact that you managed to establish an independent workout and weight routine, calls for an applause. But, gradually feeling jaded or not getting the results can happen to any one of us. However, giving up on this bodyweight training routine is not the solution. Rather, looking for ways to make it more effective can give you the desired results. The best part about a body weight routine is that you rely on your own body weight to get the desired strength and toning. Something you can do anytime, anywhere as there is no dependency on a gym or any external weights. So, instead of giving up and looking for an alternate, here is how you can make this routine more effective.

    1. More Repetitions to Each Set: If you plan to accomplish a set in 30 seconds, then try to make it more challenging for yourself by doing another set in the same time frame. So, if you do 10 push ups in 30 seconds, try to achieve a target of 20 push ups in 30 seconds. This way you can keep challenging your own results, for the best bodyweight workout and set new and better benchmarks.

    bodyweight training

    2. Recovery Time Within the Exercise Time: Usually, after each set of bodyweight exercises you take a pause of a few seconds to recover and perform effectively in the subsequent set. To raise the bar, you can try to add the recovery time within the workout time. For instance, if you do 10 burpees in 30 seconds, then try to do the burpees within 15 seconds and give yourself 15 seconds rest time. This way you will be able to achieve more in less time.

    bodyweight exercises

    3. Get the Weights in Place: After trying more repetitions, sets and trying to do more in less time, adding weights can be the third best option. Of course, investing in dumbbells is always an option. But, to get started you can try using some heavy weight objects at home. A book, bottle of water and similar objects can come to your aid. Next time when you do those crunches, take a heavy book or water bottle for the ideal full body bodyweight workout.

    Using the above techniques, you can make your bodyweight routine more effective and get the best results with this form of workout, which you can do, while on a holiday or at home. Just stay motivated and keep going strong. A consistent body weight exercise routine gives optimum weight loss results and goes a long way in keeping you fit. Simply invest in the right workout wear and keep doing your body weight training every day. If you are looking for workout wear, which is comfortable and stylish, then view the range here at Providing superior comfort, Sporto designs clothes for different workouts and athleisure purpose. You can view the collection and order your workout wear from the comfort of your home.

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  9. Yoga – Its Many Benefits for Runners

    Yoga is one form of workout, which blends perfectly with an array of exercise regimes. The beauty of yoga lies in the art of balancing, helping you strengthen your system with your own body weight. So, if you thought yoga has nothing to do with running, well you are mistaken. Running and yoga may sound poles apart, however, these are two forms of workout, which complement each other the most beautifully. Yoga can fill the gap where running makes you fall short. So, if those aches and pains keep you off running for a long time, then give yoga a try. But, don’t treat yoga practice day as a rest day. Below are some of the many benefits of yoga for runners.

    man standing in yoga position

    1. Strong Sense of Balance: When you run, you are able to bring only some muscles to work. It is mainly the lower body, which is put to use while running and only those muscles are subject to wear and tear. But, with yoga it is different and this stands out as the advantages of yoga for runners. Every minor and major muscle group is used synergistically. There are full body movement and a strong balance is created from head to toe. So, it is the perfect way of bringing all your muscles to play and relaxing the ones, which are sored, while running.

    man practicing advance yoga

    2. Prevent Injury & Physical Stress: Runners are usually well-balanced individuals who can deal with physical stress with little discomfort, but they often suffer from pains and injury. A runner often complaint of tightening, shortening of muscle, which can only be taken care by an opposing movement of yoga. For running, the focus is only on external techniques, but with yoga it is about an internal focus of body movements. With the systematic practice of asana, you can engage, strengthen and train all your muscles for a better support system. So, whether it is that muscular injury, which you want to avert, while running or make your body stress-free, try the yoga for marathon runners.

    man doing yoga

    3. Increases Awareness About You: With the practice of yoga, you develop a better sense of awareness about yourself is yet another advantage of yoga. It helps you develop an understanding of your body, you are able to listen and respond to your body messages, better. Your body will start listening to the signal of feel good chemicals like endorphins, which are released, while running. It is with this signal that you will be able to run longer and ignore that injury with ease. Further, yoga makes you calmer and poise. You are able to better manage your energy reserve, and planning and executing that run also yields good results.

    man doing yoga practice

    4. Relax & Perform Better: With running your body does suffer from some physical stress, which can be taken care by yoga for athletes. This and other forms of stress are well taken care by yoga. It is the perfect way to relax your muscles, calm your mind and perform better. Moreover, relaxation helps you to make your energy reserve and use it in a more efficient manner. This resultant vigour helps you perform better on your run day. The pranayama and breathing exercises improves the flow of oxygen and blood in your body relaxing your nervous system and the entire body.

    So, start complementing that run with yoga and experience the many benefits of a yoga routine for runners. You will be able to plan and execute your run better. If you run for 5 days a week, then start keeping a day or two for yoga and feel the difference in your performance level. It’s time to become a yogi runner for complete body overhaul. And whether you are looking for those running shorts or yoga track pants, you can find the latest collection online at We are a one stop shop for sportswear solutions. You can view the range at Sporto and have the most comfortable and cool workout wear collection for your everyday run and yoga.

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  10. 5 Ways to Cook and Eat Clean

    5 Ways to Cook and Eat Clean

    Tired of fad diets? Want to lose weight, while eating? Then, switch to clean eating habits and lose as much weight as you desire. Reaching your ideal weight will be a possibility provided you opt for easy and manageable ways. But, still pondering how to cook and eat clean? Then, below are some easy means that will help you achieve your weight loss target and stay fit.

    1. A Morning Ritual: You need to start with a healthy morning ritual. So, the first thing when you wake up you should have a glass of water. You don’t need to add anything, just plain water can help you kick-start your day on a healthy note. Make bed tea history, switch to clean eating tips and start your day by having a full glass of water.

    eating diet

    2. Cook, Locally Grown Food from the Ground: Bid goodbye to processed foods and embrace a clean eating diet. It is the biggest stumbling block in your health goals. So, remove all the processed food items from your kitchen and switch to locally grown food products, from the ground. Fill your refrigerator with farm fresh fruits and vegetables, and start eating seasonal, locally grown foods items.

    3. Home Cooked Food: Switch to home cooked food, completely. Whether it is that snack for your midday or lunch for the office, pre-plan and cook at home. Indulge in cooking like a therapy and explore the healthiest way to cook. If cooking by yourself is not possible, then take the help of a cook. It is better to pay the cook, rather than eating out every day. An economical and healthy decision.

    healthiest way to cook

    4. Plan Your Meals: Every weekend, start planning your meals for the week. If you don’t have a plan in place, the tendency will be to indulge in binge eating during the week due to lack of time. So, start planning your meals and consider 30% protein, 30% fats, 30% carbohydrates and 10% binge eating. Ensure you include lots of lean protein, healthy fats and carbohydrates in your daily diet and indulge in a clean food diet.

    food diet

    5. Eat Variety, maintain a Journal: Before you press the bored button again, start exploring a variety of clean eating recipes and include them in your meal plans. Within the ingredients available at home, you can make a lot of different dishes. Infuse them with spices of your choice and relish your own personalized meals. In addition, maintain a journal and keep updating what you had and what results you got. This way you can treat yourself to a variety and enjoy clean eating.

    Make cooking and clean eating diet a practice, which you follow every day. Treat yourself once a while, you can plan eating out one meal every week, once a fortnight or a month and stick to the plan. You need to eat your regular meals in a planned manner and follow portion control to achieve your weight loss plans.

    trendy tracks capris for mencool capris

    Along with the above tips, follow some exercise regime to get quicker and better results. Follow a varied exercise schedule too, so that you don’t get bored doing the same thing every day. You can indulge in different workouts and treat yourself to new workout wear to stay motivated. For trendy and comfortable workout wear, you can view the collection at Sporto. There are stylish Bermuda, cool capris and trendy track pants and you can buy something different for the different exercises you incorporate into your schedule. Click here to see and buy from the collection. You can also share with us your clean eating habits in the comments below.

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  11. The Power of Breathe In, Breathe Out

    The Power of Breathe In, Breathe Out

    “When you own your breath, nobody can steal your peace”. Yes! Such is the power of breathing exercise. A human being takes around 8 million breathes in a year. Focussing on every breath is not possible and is not required. Rather, if you focus on just a few for 10-15 minutes every day, you can feel the difference in your emotional and physical well-being. So, breathing with focus and breathing right is essential. If you want to feel the impact, then you need to breathe fully, more deeply by expanding your chest with every inhale. Expand your chest, expand your belly and draw in more oxygen as you breathe-in. Along with expanding on every inhale, you must pay attention to your posture. Don’t slouch, sit-up straight and breathe-in, breathe-out. In a slumped state, your lungs cannot expand fully. So, keep your back and shoulder straight as you inhale and exhale. 

    Here are the some of the many benefits of deep breathing exercises, the power of breathing right and with focus. 

    man doing breath exercises

    1. Live Stress Free: No, this is not an illusion. You can live happy and stress-free by just breathing right. If you are stressed due to work or any personal issue, try the power of inhale and exhale. Before bedtime, just sit and try exhaling longer than inhaling. Go slow and steady, if you are not able to concentrate for too long, do in 5-6 repetitions for shorter duration. But, just ensure that you go slow to feel the difference after doing this breathing exercise for anxiety

    Young man meditating

    2. Energy Booster: At work, an afternoon siesta is not possible? But, you don’t always have to sip some coffee or tea either to give yourself that boost in the afternoon. Rather, try slow inhaling and forceful exhaling to give a difference to your energy levels with mindful breathing

    Man meditating in a park

    3. The Balanced You: There is so much that you and your body has to go through every day. So, for a balanced you try to hold your breath for 2-3 seconds in between exhaling and inhaling. This deep breathing technique will calm you and help you work with more focus. 

    Guy exercising yoga

    4. Control the Hypertensive You: Reducing the dosage of your blood pressure pill is in your hands. With powerbreathe, you can control the hypertensive you. Breathe deeply, relax your muscles, arteries and veins to bring down the blood pressure levels.

    Words of Take Deep Breath on sticky papers

    5. Improved Oxygen Levels: You can achieve all of the above by yoga breathing exercises and by breathing right as improved breathing means improved oxygen levels. Oxygen is the fuel for all your body organs and cells. When you breathe right, there is proper oxygen flow and improved blood quality flowing to every important cell of your body. 

    So, focus on your breathing and do it right to reap the many benefits. Just wear comfortable track pants and T-shirt and sit in a meditative state every day for a few minutes to feel the difference. If you are looking for comfortable clothes for yoga and breathing exercises and meditation, then you can view the range at From T-shirts to tracks, you can find the complete sportswear range at Sporto for your workout, yoga and meditation session. So, dress comfy and experience the power of mindful breathing.

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  12. No Equipment Training for Every day, Everywhere Workout

    I don’t have the necessary equipment; how do I work out? I need that dumbbell kit for strength training? Well ditch these equipment excuses and get going. There are many home workouts without equipment, which you can do conveniently. It is all about working out and staying fit rather than dozens of fitness equipment’s lying in your home like a piece of junk.

    Below are some workouts, which you can do anytime, anywhere and get the results without any equipment.

    man running on street

    1. Running is the New Cool: Well, if you thought that going to one of those elite gyms is cool, then look around for the many running communities and be the part of this new cool. There are Marathons happening all over the country, in every city, every state. You just need to stay alert, enrol for the upcoming Marathon in your city and get going. And if you are thinking about the equipment, well for a good run you need to master your own technique, invest in a good pair of shoes and practice as per your convenience. You don’t need anything else to indulge in this full body workout.

    couple stretching on yoga mat

    2. Yoga your go to Work Out: Enjoy that stretch and calm your mind with ease with yoga. You just need a yoga mat and can indulge in different yoga poses for a fit and fine you. There are different forms of yoga being practised these days and depending upon your requirement you can explore the one that best suits your needs. Moreover, the best part is that you can practice it while at home or holiday. Just roll out the mat and get going, to do this workout without equipment.

    athlete doing hiit exercise

    3. HIIT Workouts: The high intensity interval training (HIIT) is the perfect way to shed those calories and get back in shape. You don’t need any equipment, just the will to perform and stay in shape. You can plan your own set of HIIT workouts or there are plenty of sets you can get from the online space. So, either ways you can easily plan HIIT home workout without any equipment.

    4. Bodyweight Training: You don’t always need that dumbbells for weight training. Your own body weight can help you train and gain strength. Try triceps dips, walking lunges, push-up’s and squats and you will know how you can use your body weight for training purpose.

    So, you don’t need that gym membership or many equipment’s to stay in shape. It is the will to perform, the will to exercise that is needed. Invest in a pair of workout clothes like track pants and athletic t-shirts that will motivate you to perform, to exercise. You definitely need comfortable clothes for exercise. If you are looking for cool, comfortable and colourful workout wear, then there is a lot at Sporto, which you can explore. View the collection at and just workout. With different no equipment exercises mentioned above, before you get bored with one form of workout, take up the other and keep going till you achieve your fitness target.

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  13. 5 Ways to Stay on Track with New Year Fitness Resolutions

    With over a month into the new year, are you able to keep up with your new year fitness resolutions? Is your weight loss target on track? If you are still debating, then its time you review and augment the situation. Don’t let this year go by. Rather, take charge now. Follow these 5 tips to stay on track and welcome the new year, 2019 on a healthy and fit note.

    sleeping man disturbed by alarm clock

    1. Don’t Snooze the Alarm: You need to push yourself each and every day. Snoozing the alarm and postponing it to another day is not the solution. Get going every morning or evening, just adhere to your fitness plan. Choose a convenient time and follow the calendar. A 5AM ritual may suit your friend, but 5PM one will be more apt for you. So, instead of snoozing the alarm, plan a routine, a workout time, which suits you the best, so that there is no excuse, no escape.

    workout vector icons

    2. A Variety of Workouts: Practicing your asana every day is good. But it can get boring. So, it is essential that you treat yourself with a variety of exercise plans. Plan a jog, a gym session or yoga class for the whole week. Doing the same workout every day can get monotonous and you may eventually give it up. But, if you know it’s pilate one day followed by power yoga the next day, it is sure to keep you going.

    young runner

    3. Track & Maintain: For every 2000 steps you earn 100 calories, yes such is the potential of tracking. This brings us to the third most important tip of maintaining and tracking your workout and your meals. Plan the meal chart each day and your workout plan. It will help you maintain a calorie deficit and lose weight. There are various applications on your smartphone, which can come to your rescue. Otherwise, you can maintain a simple spreadsheet or memo on your laptop. The essential thing is to maintain and track your fitness diet plan.

    4. Reward and Rejoice: Whether you lose that inch or shed a kilo, treat yourself to something you love. It’s a great incentive and will keep you on track. It could be anything, something that you have been craving for or a movie treat. Reward and recognition is a wonderful way of keeping you motivated. Moreover, even knocking that inch call for a celebration. Let every milestone be recorded and rejoiced, and keep giving yourself more reasons to celebrate this year by following your health and fitness regime.

    workout buddy

    5. Workout Buddy: The last but definitely the most important way of meeting your fitness routine is finding that true, workout buddy. If you get a company, then you end up losing weight fast. So, look for that run or gym partner and you will end up working out every day. If you are not a social person, then look for communities or sport events nearby and get going.

    Follow these tips and meet your fitness goals with ease this year. You need to push yourself to achieve that ideal weight or six pack abs. Another cool way of keeping yourself motivated is by regularly investing in workout wear. When you buy that new track or t shirt for gym, you will hit the gym sooner or later. The new pair in your wardrobe will work as a gentle reminder. If you are looking for cool and affordable workout wear, then Sporto has a super collection for you. Check the range at, buy yourself a new gear and get going each day, this year.

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  14. How to Choose the Right Workout Wear?

    The right workout wear can be the right motivation to get you going every morning. So, if you have compromised on your workout attire, then you are actually compromising on your workout too. Yes, it is the right clothing that can make a lot of difference to your workout performance. Investing in the right workout clothes is essential for that fab workout. Below are things, which you need to check to give your best every time, every day.

    1. Sweat Wicking Fabric It Is: You have been thinking that wearing cotton mens lower pants is perfect for that run or gym session. But, have you explored the sweat wicking variety, which can give you unmatched comfort and better performance. The fabric makes a lot of difference when you are sweating profusely after that hour long run or game of cricket. If the fabric soaks the sweat, you will feel uncomfortable and will not be able to deliver your best. So, opt for workout wear, which is made of sweat wicking fabric. It will keep your body cool and comfy for long, and help you deliver your best even when you feel that sweat can inhibit your performance. Go long and strong with a sweat wicking tee and track for that marathon next time and feel the difference yourself.

    2. Too Loose or Too Tight, A Fit: Well, just like any other casual or formal wear, you need to be sure of your fitness gym wear fit too. It matters as it can hinder your performance. Wearing a loose pant for a biking session or fitted track for yoga or Pilates class will impact your workout. A thumb rule to follow here is to opt for a workout wear that does not get in the way of your activity. Your workout wear should fit your body snugly, allow proper form and not interfere with the exercise. Along with the bottom wear, a tight t-shirt should also be avoided as it will cause discomfort. It will interfere with your workout and affect your performance. You will not be able to do that stretch seamlessly. So, opt for the right fitting workout wear and give your best performance.

    3. A New Season Calls for New Clothes: Just the way you need to change your wardrobe with the change of season, the same holds true for your workout wear too. The bottom line is that your workout wear has to be comfortable and should feel it a part of your skin. So, during summers that sleeveless t shirt for gym with short or Bermuda can be perfect. But, as winters approach you need to look for full sleeve t-shirts and tracks that will cover your skin and help in working out with ease even as the temperatures drop. When it comes to buying workout wear for summers, look for breathable and sweat wicking attire, which is cool, comfortable and facilitates ease of movement. While, during winters, you need to dress warm and in layers. So, keep the sweat wicking clothing as the innermost layer and put other warm clothes on top of it.

    4. Anti-Microbial Clothing: One of the most common and biggest turn off can be that itchy and smelly workout wear. Anyone who indulges in high intensity activity will experience it. So, look for anti-microbial and anti-odour material and it will be your preferred and best workout wear. Such workout gears require less maintenance and help you give your best shot, unaffected.

    5. Price Does Matter: Along with the above features, you need to ensure that you do weigh the price factor when buying mens gym clothes online. As you will need to keep changing it for motivation and easiness factor. But, if you buy an expensive track or t-shirt, then you end up using it for a longer time. So, look for the most comfortable and best option when buying workout wear. If you don’t indulge in a high intensity workout or running, then opting for cotton track pants and t-shirt is completely fine as sweat wicking variety can be at a higher end. But, if you do indulge in intense exercise, then go for fine quality, sweat wicking gear that will ensure you can perform your best, unhindered, unaffected.

    If you are looking for cool, comfortable and colourful workout wear, then check the range at Sporto. From sweat wicking athletic jersey to relaxed fit tracks, you can get the best in class and fine quality workout wear from Sporto at an unmatched price. Our cotton tracks are also made of absorbent, single jersey fabric, which provide you just the comfort you need. For that colourful summer collection, the Sporto Bermuda and capris are ideal. With breathable waist and flat drawstring, you can work out with ease even during summers. Along with comfy bottom wear, our T-Shirts also come in small to double XL size and are made of 65% cotton and 35% polyester making it perfect for different workouts. In addition, we also have an economical athletic jersey range. Made of microfiber polyester, benefit with its quick drying feature and superior comfort. Explore mens gym clothes online at and choose the best workout wear for yourself.

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  15. 5 Ways to Eat Fresh and Stay Healthy this Winter

    With the onset of winters, shorter days and chilly weather makes one lazy and indulge in comfort food. Cooking fresh and healthy food options becomes a difficult task and by consuming comfort foods we tend to put on weight. But, eating fresh and healthy during winters is important. We are prone to flu and infections, so sipping on something hot and fresh through the day is essential.

    Here are five winter health tips that will help you in eating fresh and staying healthy.

    chia pudding with raspberry sauce

    1. Start your Day with Seeds: To give you the push every morning and keeping yourself energetic through the day, it is better to start your day with some seeds. If you like to eat fruits every morning, then sprinkle some flax seeds or supplement your oatmeal with chia seeds. These are good sources of fats and can give an energetic and healthy start to your day. It is these good fats that keep you off those sweet cravings, helping you maintain your weight and keeping you active during the day. So, incorporate this in your winter diet plan.

    Quinoa salad with radish and mixed vegetables

    2. Include Complex Carbs for Lunch: It is the lunch time, which is ideal for relishing and indulging in some complex carbs. These are the source of energy and you can burn them well during the course of the day. This is the time when you should indulge in some hot and fresh chapattis, whole wheat bread and pasta. Keep it simple, but make it fresh and enjoy it piping hot. Simply boil the pasta and stir it with some seasonal veggies. Likewise, prepare a simple veggie and enjoy it with some hot chapattis. During winters, stock-up your pantry with green leafy vegetables and enjoy it with complex carbs. It will be a complete meal in itself, nutritious and healthy. You can enjoy carrots, spinach and broccoli over a bed of rice, quinoa or noodles. Follow these tips to keep healthy this winter.

    3. Hot Soup, Anytime of the Day: Sipping something hot is the most preferred option during winters. So, instead of indulging in packed food or unhealthy snack options, indulge in simple soup preparations and make it a part of your winter diet meal plan. A bowl of clear soup can do wonders to your health and take care of the fibre requirement. It is easy to prepare and you will surely relish it to the last sip. Stock your favourite veggies and some chicken, and make a quick soupy snack, this winter. It is also a great way to take care of your caffeine and tea intake.

    Steamed Fish in Lemon Sauce

    4. A Dose of Salmon: Winters is the time when your body needs that salmon more than ever. So, give yourself a dose of fish every now and then. It can take care of your salmon, omega 3 and vitamin D requirement. So, get some fish and freeze it at home. Frozen fish offers the flavour and texture too. It is not possible to get fresh fish during the week, so stock some in your refrigerator over the weekend and enjoy it with your veggies baked and fresh. It is a perfect way to eat healthy in winter.

    detox water with fruit in glasses

    5. Water, A Must: Keeping your body hydrated is essential during winters. Plain, cold water is not something one prefers during winter. So, indulge in some infused water preparation. Add some lime to the water and take care of your vitamin C levels, this winter. Incorporating citrus food is a must in your diet during winters as one tends to be affected with flu and vitamin C can do wonders to your health. It will be like taking some winter precautions for health.

    Along with indulging in fresh and healthy delicacies, ensure your workout routine does not go for a toss during winters. If going out for that run or walk during foggy mornings is not possible, then opt for some indoor workouts. The essential thing is to workout, sweat and stay in shape. Whether you manage to do it with some outdoor or indoor workout, it simply doesn’t matter. Just ensure that winters is not the excuse of giving your workout, a miss. Look for some warm, winter clothing and workout with ease.

    If you are looking for some cool, colourful and affordable winter workout wear, then start shopping at From full sleeve t shirts to track pants, we have a complete winter gear range and you can shop from the comfort of your home. Don’t venture out in the chill, simply browse through the range, order online and we will come home to deliver. The full-sleeve t-shirt range will keep you comfortable and protect your skin against the winter chill. It can be one layer of clothing, which you can wear with ease, while running or working out in the gym. It will keep you covered and cosy. So, even when you sweat keep this essential layer of clothing intact and maintain a consistent body temperature. At least, you will not feel the chill the moment you stop working out. Likewise, the rich, absorbent gym track pants will help you in working out with ease and for long. Shop for your winter workout wear from here and keep going strong and long this winter.

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