1. How to Make Body Weight Routine More Effective ?

    Is your body weight routine not giving the expected results? Are you getting bored with the existing body weight routine? The very fact that you managed to establish an independent workout and weight routine, calls for an applause. But, gradually feeling jaded or not getting the results can happen to any one of us. However, giving up on this bodyweight training routine is not the solution. Rather, looking for ways to make it more effective can give you the desired results. The best part about a body weight routine is that you rely on your own body weight to get the desired strength and toning. Something you can do anytime, anywhere as there is no dependency on a gym or any external weights. So, instead of giving up and looking for an alternate, here is how you can make this routine more effective.

    1. More Repetitions to Each Set: If you plan to accomplish a set in 30 seconds, then try to make it more challenging for yourself by doing another set in the same time frame. So, if you do 10 push ups in 30 seconds, try to achieve a target of 20 push ups in 30 seconds. This way you can keep challenging your own results, for the best bodyweight workout and set new and better benchmarks.

    bodyweight training

    2. Recovery Time Within the Exercise Time: Usually, after each set of bodyweight exercises you take a pause of a few seconds to recover and perform effectively in the subsequent set. To raise the bar, you can try to add the recovery time within the workout time. For instance, if you do 10 burpees in 30 seconds, then try to do the burpees within 15 seconds and give yourself 15 seconds rest time. This way you will be able to achieve more in less time.

    bodyweight exercises

    3. Get the Weights in Place: After trying more repetitions, sets and trying to do more in less time, adding weights can be the third best option. Of course, investing in dumbbells is always an option. But, to get started you can try using some heavy weight objects at home. A book, bottle of water and similar objects can come to your aid. Next time when you do those crunches, take a heavy book or water bottle for the ideal full body bodyweight workout.

    Using the above techniques, you can make your bodyweight routine more effective and get the best results with this form of workout, which you can do, while on a holiday or at home. Just stay motivated and keep going strong. A consistent body weight exercise routine gives optimum weight loss results and goes a long way in keeping you fit. Simply invest in the right workout wear and keep doing your body weight training every day. If you are looking for workout wear, which is comfortable and stylish, then view the range here at Providing superior comfort, Sporto designs clothes for different workouts and athleisure purpose. You can view the collection and order your workout wear from the comfort of your home.

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  2. Yoga – Its Many Benefits for Runners

    Yoga is one form of workout, which blends perfectly with an array of exercise regimes. The beauty of yoga lies in the art of balancing, helping you strengthen your system with your own body weight. So, if you thought yoga has nothing to do with running, well you are mistaken. Running and yoga may sound poles apart, however, these are two forms of workout, which complement each other the most beautifully. Yoga can fill the gap where running makes you fall short. So, if those aches and pains keep you off running for a long time, then give yoga a try. But, don’t treat yoga practice day as a rest day. Below are some of the many benefits of yoga for runners.

    man standing in yoga position

    1. Strong Sense of Balance: When you run, you are able to bring only some muscles to work. It is mainly the lower body, which is put to use while running and only those muscles are subject to wear and tear. But, with yoga it is different and this stands out as the advantages of yoga for runners. Every minor and major muscle group is used synergistically. There are full body movement and a strong balance is created from head to toe. So, it is the perfect way of bringing all your muscles to play and relaxing the ones, which are sored, while running.

    man practicing advance yoga

    2. Prevent Injury & Physical Stress: Runners are usually well-balanced individuals who can deal with physical stress with little discomfort, but they often suffer from pains and injury. A runner often complaint of tightening, shortening of muscle, which can only be taken care by an opposing movement of yoga. For running, the focus is only on external techniques, but with yoga it is about an internal focus of body movements. With the systematic practice of asana, you can engage, strengthen and train all your muscles for a better support system. So, whether it is that muscular injury, which you want to avert, while running or make your body stress-free, try the yoga for marathon runners.

    man doing yoga

    3. Increases Awareness About You: With the practice of yoga, you develop a better sense of awareness about yourself is yet another advantage of yoga. It helps you develop an understanding of your body, you are able to listen and respond to your body messages, better. Your body will start listening to the signal of feel good chemicals like endorphins, which are released, while running. It is with this signal that you will be able to run longer and ignore that injury with ease. Further, yoga makes you calmer and poise. You are able to better manage your energy reserve, and planning and executing that run also yields good results.

    man doing yoga practice

    4. Relax & Perform Better: With running your body does suffer from some physical stress, which can be taken care by yoga for athletes. This and other forms of stress are well taken care by yoga. It is the perfect way to relax your muscles, calm your mind and perform better. Moreover, relaxation helps you to make your energy reserve and use it in a more efficient manner. This resultant vigour helps you perform better on your run day. The pranayama and breathing exercises improves the flow of oxygen and blood in your body relaxing your nervous system and the entire body.

    So, start complementing that run with yoga and experience the many benefits of a yoga routine for runners. You will be able to plan and execute your run better. If you run for 5 days a week, then start keeping a day or two for yoga and feel the difference in your performance level. It’s time to become a yogi runner for complete body overhaul. And whether you are looking for those running shorts or yoga track pants, you can find the latest collection online at We are a one stop shop for sportswear solutions. You can view the range at Sporto and have the most comfortable and cool workout wear collection for your everyday run and yoga.

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  3. 5 Ways to Cook and Eat Clean

    5 Ways to Cook and Eat Clean

    Tired of fad diets? Want to lose weight, while eating? Then, switch to clean eating habits and lose as much weight as you desire. Reaching your ideal weight will be a possibility provided you opt for easy and manageable ways. But, still pondering how to cook and eat clean? Then, below are some easy means that will help you achieve your weight loss target and stay fit.

    1. A Morning Ritual: You need to start with a healthy morning ritual. So, the first thing when you wake up you should have a glass of water. You don’t need to add anything, just plain water can help you kick-start your day on a healthy note. Make bed tea history, switch to clean eating tips and start your day by having a full glass of water.

    eating diet

    2. Cook, Locally Grown Food from the Ground: Bid goodbye to processed foods and embrace a clean eating diet. It is the biggest stumbling block in your health goals. So, remove all the processed food items from your kitchen and switch to locally grown food products, from the ground. Fill your refrigerator with farm fresh fruits and vegetables, and start eating seasonal, locally grown foods items.

    3. Home Cooked Food: Switch to home cooked food, completely. Whether it is that snack for your midday or lunch for the office, pre-plan and cook at home. Indulge in cooking like a therapy and explore the healthiest way to cook. If cooking by yourself is not possible, then take the help of a cook. It is better to pay the cook, rather than eating out every day. An economical and healthy decision.

    healthiest way to cook

    4. Plan Your Meals: Every weekend, start planning your meals for the week. If you don’t have a plan in place, the tendency will be to indulge in binge eating during the week due to lack of time. So, start planning your meals and consider 30% protein, 30% fats, 30% carbohydrates and 10% binge eating. Ensure you include lots of lean protein, healthy fats and carbohydrates in your daily diet and indulge in a clean food diet.

    food diet

    5. Eat Variety, maintain a Journal: Before you press the bored button again, start exploring a variety of clean eating recipes and include them in your meal plans. Within the ingredients available at home, you can make a lot of different dishes. Infuse them with spices of your choice and relish your own personalized meals. In addition, maintain a journal and keep updating what you had and what results you got. This way you can treat yourself to a variety and enjoy clean eating.

    Make cooking and clean eating diet a practice, which you follow every day. Treat yourself once a while, you can plan eating out one meal every week, once a fortnight or a month and stick to the plan. You need to eat your regular meals in a planned manner and follow portion control to achieve your weight loss plans.

    trendy tracks capris for mencool capris

    Along with the above tips, follow some exercise regime to get quicker and better results. Follow a varied exercise schedule too, so that you don’t get bored doing the same thing every day. You can indulge in different workouts and treat yourself to new workout wear to stay motivated. For trendy and comfortable workout wear, you can view the collection at Sporto. There are stylish Bermuda, cool capris and trendy track pants and you can buy something different for the different exercises you incorporate into your schedule. Click here to see and buy from the collection. You can also share with us your clean eating habits in the comments below.

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  4. The Power of Breath In, Breath Out

    The Power of Breath In, Breath Out

    “When you own your breath, nobody can steal your peace”. Yes! Such is the power of breathing exercise. A human being takes around 8 million breathes in a year. Focussing on every breath is not possible and is not required. Rather, if you focus on just a few for 10-15 minutes every day, you can feel the difference in your emotional and physical well-being. So, breathing with focus and breathing right is essential. If you want to feel the impact, then you need to breathe fully, more deeply by expanding your chest with every inhale. Expand your chest, expand your belly and draw in more oxygen as you breathe-in. Along with expanding on every inhale, you must pay attention to your posture. Don’t slouch, sit-up straight and breathe-in, breathe-out. In a slumped state, your lungs cannot expand fully. So, keep your back and shoulder straight as you inhale and exhale. 

    Here are the some of the many benefits of deep breathing exercises, the power of breathing right and with focus. 

    man doing breath exercises

    1. Live Stress Free: No, this is not an illusion. You can live happy and stress-free by just breathing right. If you are stressed due to work or any personal issue, try the power of inhale and exhale. Before bedtime, just sit and try exhaling longer than inhaling. Go slow and steady, if you are not able to concentrate for too long, do in 5-6 repetitions for shorter duration. But, just ensure that you go slow to feel the difference after doing this breathing exercise for anxiety

    Young man meditating

    2. Energy Booster: At work, an afternoon siesta is not possible? But, you don’t always have to sip some coffee or tea either to give yourself that boost in the afternoon. Rather, try slow inhaling and forceful exhaling to give a difference to your energy levels with mindful breathing

    Man meditating in a park

    3. The Balanced You: There is so much that you and your body has to go through every day. So, for a balanced you try to hold your breath for 2-3 seconds in between exhaling and inhaling. This deep breathing technique will calm you and help you work with more focus. 

    Guy exercising yoga

    4. Control the Hypertensive You: Reducing the dosage of your blood pressure pill is in your hands. With powerbreathe, you can control the hypertensive you. Breathe deeply, relax your muscles, arteries and veins to bring down the blood pressure levels.

    Words of Take Deep Breath on sticky papers

    5. Improved Oxygen Levels: You can achieve all of the above by yoga breathing exercises and by breathing right as improved breathing means improved oxygen levels. Oxygen is the fuel for all your body organs and cells. When you breathe right, there is proper oxygen flow and improved blood quality flowing to every important cell of your body. 

    So, focus on your breathing and do it right to reap the many benefits. Just wear comfortable track pants and T-shirt and sit in a meditative state every day for a few minutes to feel the difference. If you are looking for comfortable clothes for yoga and breathing exercises and meditation, then you can view the range at From T-shirts to tracks, you can find the complete sportswear range at Sporto for your workout, yoga and meditation session. So, dress comfy and experience the power of mindful breathing.

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  5. No Equipment Training for Every day, Everywhere Workout

    I don’t have the necessary equipment; how do I work out? I need that dumbbell kit for strength training? Well ditch these equipment excuses and get going. There are many home workouts without equipment, which you can do conveniently. It is all about working out and staying fit rather than dozens of fitness equipment’s lying in your home like a piece of junk.

    Below are some workouts, which you can do anytime, anywhere and get the results without any equipment.

    man running on street

    1. Running is the New Cool: Well, if you thought that going to one of those elite gyms is cool, then look around for the many running communities and be the part of this new cool. There are Marathons happening all over the country, in every city, every state. You just need to stay alert, enrol for the upcoming Marathon in your city and get going. And if you are thinking about the equipment, well for a good run you need to master your own technique, invest in a good pair of shoes and practice as per your convenience. You don’t need anything else to indulge in this full body workout.

    couple stretching on yoga mat

    2. Yoga your go to Work Out: Enjoy that stretch and calm your mind with ease with yoga. You just need a yoga mat and can indulge in different yoga poses for a fit and fine you. There are different forms of yoga being practised these days and depending upon your requirement you can explore the one that best suits your needs. Moreover, the best part is that you can practice it while at home or holiday. Just roll out the mat and get going, to do this workout without equipment.

    athlete doing hiit exercise

    3. HIIT Workouts: The high intensity interval training (HIIT) is the perfect way to shed those calories and get back in shape. You don’t need any equipment, just the will to perform and stay in shape. You can plan your own set of HIIT workouts or there are plenty of sets you can get from the online space. So, either ways you can easily plan HIIT home workout without any equipment.

    4. Bodyweight Training: You don’t always need that dumbbells for weight training. Your own body weight can help you train and gain strength. Try triceps dips, walking lunges, push-up’s and squats and you will know how you can use your body weight for training purpose.

    So, you don’t need that gym membership or many equipment’s to stay in shape. It is the will to perform, the will to exercise that is needed. Invest in a pair of workout clothes like track pants and athletic t-shirts that will motivate you to perform, to exercise. You definitely need comfortable clothes for exercise. If you are looking for cool, comfortable and colourful workout wear, then there is a lot at Sporto, which you can explore. View the collection at and just workout. With different no equipment exercises mentioned above, before you get bored with one form of workout, take up the other and keep going till you achieve your fitness target.

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  6. 5 Ways to Stay on Track with New Year Fitness Resolutions

    With over a month into the new year, are you able to keep up with your new year fitness resolutions? Is your weight loss target on track? If you are still debating, then its time you review and augment the situation. Don’t let this year go by. Rather, take charge now. Follow these 5 tips to stay on track and welcome the new year, 2019 on a healthy and fit note.

    sleeping man disturbed by alarm clock

    1. Don’t Snooze the Alarm: You need to push yourself each and every day. Snoozing the alarm and postponing it to another day is not the solution. Get going every morning or evening, just adhere to your fitness plan. Choose a convenient time and follow the calendar. A 5AM ritual may suit your friend, but 5PM one will be more apt for you. So, instead of snoozing the alarm, plan a routine, a workout time, which suits you the best, so that there is no excuse, no escape.

    workout vector icons

    2. A Variety of Workouts: Practicing your asana every day is good. But it can get boring. So, it is essential that you treat yourself with a variety of exercise plans. Plan a jog, a gym session or yoga class for the whole week. Doing the same workout every day can get monotonous and you may eventually give it up. But, if you know it’s pilate one day followed by power yoga the next day, it is sure to keep you going.

    young runner

    3. Track & Maintain: For every 2000 steps you earn 100 calories, yes such is the potential of tracking. This brings us to the third most important tip of maintaining and tracking your workout and your meals. Plan the meal chart each day and your workout plan. It will help you maintain a calorie deficit and lose weight. There are various applications on your smartphone, which can come to your rescue. Otherwise, you can maintain a simple spreadsheet or memo on your laptop. The essential thing is to maintain and track your fitness diet plan.

    4. Reward and Rejoice: Whether you lose that inch or shed a kilo, treat yourself to something you love. It’s a great incentive and will keep you on track. It could be anything, something that you have been craving for or a movie treat. Reward and recognition is a wonderful way of keeping you motivated. Moreover, even knocking that inch call for a celebration. Let every milestone be recorded and rejoiced, and keep giving yourself more reasons to celebrate this year by following your health and fitness regime.

    workout buddy

    5. Workout Buddy: The last but definitely the most important way of meeting your fitness routine is finding that true, workout buddy. If you get a company, then you end up losing weight fast. So, look for that run or gym partner and you will end up working out every day. If you are not a social person, then look for communities or sport events nearby and get going.

    Follow these tips and meet your fitness goals with ease this year. You need to push yourself to achieve that ideal weight or six pack abs. Another cool way of keeping yourself motivated is by regularly investing in workout wear. When you buy that new track or t shirt for gym, you will hit the gym sooner or later. The new pair in your wardrobe will work as a gentle reminder. If you are looking for cool and affordable workout wear, then Sporto has a super collection for you. Check the range at, buy yourself a new gear and get going each day, this year.

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  7. How to Choose the Right Workout Wear?

    The right workout wear can be the right motivation to get you going every morning. So, if you have compromised on your workout attire, then you are actually compromising on your workout too. Yes, it is the right clothing that can make a lot of difference to your workout performance. Investing in the right workout clothes is essential for that fab workout. Below are things, which you need to check to give your best every time, every day.

    1. Sweat Wicking Fabric It Is: You have been thinking that wearing cotton mens lower pants is perfect for that run or gym session. But, have you explored the sweat wicking variety, which can give you unmatched comfort and better performance. The fabric makes a lot of difference when you are sweating profusely after that hour long run or game of cricket. If the fabric soaks the sweat, you will feel uncomfortable and will not be able to deliver your best. So, opt for workout wear, which is made of sweat wicking fabric. It will keep your body cool and comfy for long, and help you deliver your best even when you feel that sweat can inhibit your performance. Go long and strong with a sweat wicking tee and track for that marathon next time and feel the difference yourself.

    2. Too Loose or Too Tight, A Fit: Well, just like any other casual or formal wear, you need to be sure of your fitness gym wear fit too. It matters as it can hinder your performance. Wearing a loose pant for a biking session or fitted track for yoga or Pilates class will impact your workout. A thumb rule to follow here is to opt for a workout wear that does not get in the way of your activity. Your workout wear should fit your body snugly, allow proper form and not interfere with the exercise. Along with the bottom wear, a tight t-shirt should also be avoided as it will cause discomfort. It will interfere with your workout and affect your performance. You will not be able to do that stretch seamlessly. So, opt for the right fitting workout wear and give your best performance.

    3. A New Season Calls for New Clothes: Just the way you need to change your wardrobe with the change of season, the same holds true for your workout wear too. The bottom line is that your workout wear has to be comfortable and should feel it a part of your skin. So, during summers that sleeveless t shirt for gym with short or Bermuda can be perfect. But, as winters approach you need to look for full sleeve t-shirts and tracks that will cover your skin and help in working out with ease even as the temperatures drop. When it comes to buying workout wear for summers, look for breathable and sweat wicking attire, which is cool, comfortable and facilitates ease of movement. While, during winters, you need to dress warm and in layers. So, keep the sweat wicking clothing as the innermost layer and put other warm clothes on top of it.

    4. Anti-Microbial Clothing: One of the most common and biggest turn off can be that itchy and smelly workout wear. Anyone who indulges in high intensity activity will experience it. So, look for anti-microbial and anti-odour material and it will be your preferred and best workout wear. Such workout gears require less maintenance and help you give your best shot, unaffected.

    5. Price Does Matter: Along with the above features, you need to ensure that you do weigh the price factor when buying mens gym clothes online. As you will need to keep changing it for motivation and easiness factor. But, if you buy an expensive track or t-shirt, then you end up using it for a longer time. So, look for the most comfortable and best option when buying workout wear. If you don’t indulge in a high intensity workout or running, then opting for cotton track pants and t-shirt is completely fine as sweat wicking variety can be at a higher end. But, if you do indulge in intense exercise, then go for fine quality, sweat wicking gear that will ensure you can perform your best, unhindered, unaffected.

    If you are looking for cool, comfortable and colourful workout wear, then check the range at Sporto. From sweat wicking athletic jersey to relaxed fit tracks, you can get the best in class and fine quality workout wear from Sporto at an unmatched price. Our cotton tracks are also made of absorbent, single jersey fabric, which provide you just the comfort you need. For that colourful summer collection, the Sporto Bermuda and capris are ideal. With breathable waist and flat drawstring, you can work out with ease even during summers. Along with comfy bottom wear, our T-Shirts also come in small to double XL size and are made of 65% cotton and 35% polyester making it perfect for different workouts. In addition, we also have an economical athletic jersey range. Made of microfiber polyester, benefit with its quick drying feature and superior comfort. Explore mens gym clothes online at and choose the best workout wear for yourself.

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  8. 5 Ways to Eat Fresh and Stay Healthy this Winter

    With the onset of winters, shorter days and chilly weather makes one lazy and indulge in comfort food. Cooking fresh and healthy food options becomes a difficult task and by consuming comfort foods we tend to put on weight. But, eating fresh and healthy during winters is important. We are prone to flu and infections, so sipping on something hot and fresh through the day is essential.

    Here are five winter health tips that will help you in eating fresh and staying healthy.

    chia pudding with raspberry sauce

    1. Start your Day with Seeds: To give you the push every morning and keeping yourself energetic through the day, it is better to start your day with some seeds. If you like to eat fruits every morning, then sprinkle some flax seeds or supplement your oatmeal with chia seeds. These are good sources of fats and can give an energetic and healthy start to your day. It is these good fats that keep you off those sweet cravings, helping you maintain your weight and keeping you active during the day. So, incorporate this in your winter diet plan.

    Quinoa salad with radish and mixed vegetables

    2. Include Complex Carbs for Lunch: It is the lunch time, which is ideal for relishing and indulging in some complex carbs. These are the source of energy and you can burn them well during the course of the day. This is the time when you should indulge in some hot and fresh chapattis, whole wheat bread and pasta. Keep it simple, but make it fresh and enjoy it piping hot. Simply boil the pasta and stir it with some seasonal veggies. Likewise, prepare a simple veggie and enjoy it with some hot chapattis. During winters, stock-up your pantry with green leafy vegetables and enjoy it with complex carbs. It will be a complete meal in itself, nutritious and healthy. You can enjoy carrots, spinach and broccoli over a bed of rice, quinoa or noodles. Follow these tips to keep healthy this winter.

    3. Hot Soup, Anytime of the Day: Sipping something hot is the most preferred option during winters. So, instead of indulging in packed food or unhealthy snack options, indulge in simple soup preparations and make it a part of your winter diet meal plan. A bowl of clear soup can do wonders to your health and take care of the fibre requirement. It is easy to prepare and you will surely relish it to the last sip. Stock your favourite veggies and some chicken, and make a quick soupy snack, this winter. It is also a great way to take care of your caffeine and tea intake.

    Steamed Fish in Lemon Sauce

    4. A Dose of Salmon: Winters is the time when your body needs that salmon more than ever. So, give yourself a dose of fish every now and then. It can take care of your salmon, omega 3 and vitamin D requirement. So, get some fish and freeze it at home. Frozen fish offers the flavour and texture too. It is not possible to get fresh fish during the week, so stock some in your refrigerator over the weekend and enjoy it with your veggies baked and fresh. It is a perfect way to eat healthy in winter.

    detox water with fruit in glasses

    5. Water, A Must: Keeping your body hydrated is essential during winters. Plain, cold water is not something one prefers during winter. So, indulge in some infused water preparation. Add some lime to the water and take care of your vitamin C levels, this winter. Incorporating citrus food is a must in your diet during winters as one tends to be affected with flu and vitamin C can do wonders to your health. It will be like taking some winter precautions for health.

    Along with indulging in fresh and healthy delicacies, ensure your workout routine does not go for a toss during winters. If going out for that run or walk during foggy mornings is not possible, then opt for some indoor workouts. The essential thing is to workout, sweat and stay in shape. Whether you manage to do it with some outdoor or indoor workout, it simply doesn’t matter. Just ensure that winters is not the excuse of giving your workout, a miss. Look for some warm, winter clothing and workout with ease.

    If you are looking for some cool, colourful and affordable winter workout wear, then start shopping at From full sleeve t shirts to track pants, we have a complete winter gear range and you can shop from the comfort of your home. Don’t venture out in the chill, simply browse through the range, order online and we will come home to deliver. The full-sleeve t-shirt range will keep you comfortable and protect your skin against the winter chill. It can be one layer of clothing, which you can wear with ease, while running or working out in the gym. It will keep you covered and cosy. So, even when you sweat keep this essential layer of clothing intact and maintain a consistent body temperature. At least, you will not feel the chill the moment you stop working out. Likewise, the rich, absorbent gym track pants will help you in working out with ease and for long. Shop for your winter workout wear from here and keep going strong and long this winter.

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  9. Stay Hydrated With H2O & Beyond

    Stay Hydrated With H2O & Beyond

    The human body is about 60% water. You should drink 8 glasses of water every day. Such and other facts are reiterated time and again. These are evidence of the importance of staying hydrated and drinking water. It becomes all the more important when you work out as low water intake will immediately reflect on your performance level. While, working out you sweat profusely and if you don’t make up for the loss of fluid immediately you will not be able to give your best. But, sipping plain water can be boring. So, here are ways how you can stay hydrated without plain H2O.

    1. Infused Water: Before going to the gym or for the run, you can make infused water for yourself and enjoy the best hydrating drinks besides water during your workout regime. Making infused water is really simple. Just slice some cucumber, orange, strawberry or sweet lime and put these slices in water. You need to keep this preparation for about 2-3 hours and simply filter to take it along. It’s a wonderful and easy way of staying hydrated and taking care of loss of minerals and vitamins from your body.

    Infused hydrating drink

    2. Eat More Fruits & Vegetables: During your workout routine, you can enjoy sipping infused water and in the course of the day try to increase the intake of fruits and vegetables. Some of the hydrating fruits and veggies, which you should include in your diet include kiwi, carrots, cucumber, watermelon, radish, lettuce, tomatoes, broccoli, cauliflower, pineapple and more. These are naturally hydrating and can take care of the water levels in your body easily.

    coconut water

    3. Smoothies, Coconut Water & More: Other than having flavoured water and eating fruits and vegetables, you can also rely on smoothies and coconut water for proper hydration. Make smoothies from fresh fruits and vegetables and indulge in a refreshing drink without added sugar. Likewise, if you are looking for how to hydrate your body fast, then coconut water can be a great addition.

    Try these tips for staying hydrated and feel the difference. If in doubt, whether you are consuming enough water or no, then try the below tests to have an idea.

    urine color chart

    The Pee Test: It is one of the easiest ways of figuring out if you are having sufficient water. The urine colour should always be light yellow, never dark. If such is not the case, then you should increase the water intake and reap the many benefits of staying hydrated.

    The Scale Test: Before you start your workout, weigh yourself and do the same post workout. If you lose around 2% of your body weight, then you are not hydrated enough.

    Your Body Knows the Best: Other than trying these tests, one of the best ways to stay hydrated is by listening to your own body. It is your body and it knows better. But, if doubt prevails, then check out for symptoms like

    • Dry mouth

    • Increased heart rate

    •Difficulty in spitting

    • Headache

    • Lack of concentration

    • Extreme thirst

    • Sleepiness or fatigue

    If your body shows any of the above signs, then try hydrating your body and feel the difference. Staying hydrated is essential and you can try having plain water, infused water or fresh fruits and veggies as these are the other best ways to hydrate when dehydrated. It is an important aspect of staying fit. Give your fitness quotient a precedence at all times and experience a blessed living. Whether it is your favourite or new workout wear or preferred infused drink, khelte raho and stay fit, always. If you are looking for fitness gears, then you can browse through our latest collection at

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  10. Tips To Stay Fit This Holiday Season

    Tips To Stay Fit This Holiday Season

    With Christmas and New Year round the corner, merry-making and social meetings will be in full force. Your social calendar will be completely packed and you will be heading out almost every day of the week. Well, refusing to invites or keeping yourself boycotted to stay fit and fine is not the solution. Rather, go all out, meet your friends, family and acquaintances and stay fit, this season. Wondering how is it possible to manage your fitness routine and enjoy the holiday season? Well, here are the holiday fitness tips, the easiest one’s for you that can ensure you don’t gain those calories.

    Tip 1: Stick to your Workout Regime: It is absolutely essential for you to stick to your workout routine irrespective of your engagements. You need to squeeze-in your workout plan as during holidays having a planned workout is out of the question. So, go for that gym session or run whenever you get a chance. Don’t skip it even a single day thinking that you can cover-up tomorrow. If you can’t manage a complete hour long workout, at least go for 34-40 minutes and have your workout regime in place. This will help you stay fit, burn those extra calories and be in shape through the holiday season. So, along with your holiday shopping do buy some new workout clothes and stay motivated to perform your best. You can get cool and colourful track pants for gym and jersey for running from Check the collection and order the trendiest tees and tracks in town.

    Tip 2: Eat Cautiously: If you follow your workout regime, you can at least expect your weight to be maintained. But, if you are on a weight loss mode and even an extra kilo matters, then eat cautiously. Ideally a person should have one cheat day, but with holiday season it is eating out and party every day. This makes it essential that you eat with caution. Before you go for that second helping, do consider whether you really need it or it’s just for the taste sake. But, if you have foodies in the group who will insist you to eat along, then go for small helpings. Let it be a tasting rather than an indulging session.

    healthy food

    Tip 3: Don’t Skip Your Meals: If you have a brunch planned, that doesn’t mean you will not have anything after waking-up. You should still have your morning tea, breakfast and small fruit. Otherwise, you will not only eat way more during that brunch, but also end up slowing your metabolism. Take your meals and snacks irrespective of whether you are eating out or at home. If you will not skip meals, you will be able to manage the portion control and your weight better.

    Tip 4: Do Sleep Well: Other than working out and eating responsibly, it is essential that you sleep well and for 7 to 9 hours every day. If you don’t sleep well, you will feel exhausted, end-up munching more to stay energetic. So, if you had that late night and you are an early riser, try power napping during the day. But, anything less than 7 hours should not be a norm.

    power napping

    Tip 5: Take Up a Seasonal Sport: Plan your social gatherings in a different way. Go beyond lunch and high teas and plan some seasonal sport too. Find your exercise buddy and plan a game of football or badminton out under the winter sun? Likewise, if you are going to the mountains for your New Year’s try to incorporate skiing or ice skating and have a feel of this season, and stay fit.

    family enjoying holiday

    Try these tips and do carry your workout wear wherever you are travelling this holiday season. You can shop for some stylish and comfortable workout wear from Sporto and stay motivated to burn the calories every single day.

    Here’s wishing you a Healthy Holiday Season!

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  11. Yoga - Your Everyday, Everywhere Workout Partner

    Travel takes to you to places either for work or leisure. While, you definitely get a break from your everyday routine, thanks to an impromptu travel plan, but your workout goes for a toss. In fact, travel for work often becomes an excuse for not working out every day. But, did you know there are some, potent workouts, which practiced for a short duration can be beneficial in various forms. Moreover, this one particular form of workout can be done every day, everywhere with ease and that is yoga. Here is why we call it your everywhere travel partner and why yoga practice every day is a must for everyone. 

    1. Just Roll The Mat: Yoga is one form of workout, which you can practice anytime, anywhere. You don’t need any elaborate workout gear. You can practice it in your night pajama, as well. Just remember to take your mat along, whether you travel for leisure or business. In case, you don’t have a mat, then simply use the bathroom towel or room rug and practice your asana and sun salutations with ease. So, don’t break your workout routine when travelling, simply have a yoga workout plan in place.

    woman folding mat after yoga practice

    2. Time, No Constraint: When it comes to yoga, you can practice it for as long as you want. If time constraints, you can do it for just about 5 minutes and feel the difference. It relaxes your muscles and nerves, which get tired after travel. Moreover, it also does good to your digestive system, which gets sluggish, while travelling. And when we say time no constraint, we truly mean it. You can do it in the morning, afternoon, evening and before bedtime. Just monitor the intensity. If you are doing yoga workout for weight loss, then maintain the vigour and if it is for calming purpose, then go slow and steady.

    businessman doing yoga in lotus pose

    3. Calms You Mentally & Strengthens Physically: Every workout has its own set of benefits, but when it comes to yoga it benefits you overall. It is for your complete well-being. The stretch each pose gives, strengthens you physically and relaxes you mentally. Yoga has its mind-calming benefits and can rejuvenate you after a long flight, instantly. So, do a quick, complete yoga workout as soon as you reach the hotel and feel the difference. How about five sun salutations, while it will take not more than 5 minutes of your time, it will be a total body workout.

    4. Practice For Perfection: There are many asanas and each has variations too, but gradually with practice it will become a part of you. You will be able to perform yoga in daily life effortlessly and naturally. That child pose will become your mind-calming exercise and sun salutation a part of your everyday workout regime. 

    5. Just Do It: A flexible form of workout you can get going the way you want. Don’t wish to stretch or exert, simply sit and breathe in breath out to feel the difference. You can also start with any random pose, gradually if you have not done the warm-up. This versatile form of workout will only make you flexible and adaptable. 

    Some things become a part of you and yoga is definitely one such form of workout and meditation. It brings you closer to yourself making you calm, composed and clean. Yes, it’s a way of cleansing you internally. Moreover, it can be your travel buddy too, as you can practice it anytime, anywhere with ease and for how much ever time you have for yourself. So, get going and feel the difference when you do power yoga workout, every day. Planning to buy a comfy track and t shirt for yoga now? Then, check the fab collection at Sporto. You can get comfortable and trendy tracks and tees here and start practising yoga every day. 

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  12. How to Get Fit Fast ?

    How to Get Fit Fast ?

    Getting in shape and staying fit is your overarching goal? But, you tend to get irked with a slow response and give up. Well, weight loss is a journey and sometimes it does take more time. But, giving up on your weight loss goal is not the solution. Rather, identify where things are going wrong and take corrective measures. Following are a few steps, which you can consider on how to get fit.

    1. Know the Fat Percentage: When you start the weight loss process, don’t blindly go by the weighing scale. Rather, it is essential that you learn about the fat percentage. At the end of the day, you need to look lean and in shape, which makes it essential that you knockoff that extra body fat. In addition, keep a close watch on the inch-loss. The traditional measurement tape can be encouraging.

    man with a measuring tape as a belt tries to fasten his trousers        

    2. Work out a Plan: Once you have the weight, fat percentage and inch measurement, you need to have a workout plan. Make a realistic weight loss plan, so that your dreams are not shattered. As per your time schedule and requirement, plan your exercise regime and diet. After all, weight loss happens only with the right food intake and exercise ritual.

    3. Getting Started: It is the key to your fit fast dream. Every morning hitting the snooze button will keep you far from reaching your weight loss target. So, get going with something unique and convincing each day. Run, jog or simply get up and move, but don’t snooze that alarm. It is best if you plan this part of the day. Either have a motivating quote on the alarm screen or keep your favourite workout gear bedside and get going. If new clothes fascinate you, then invest in your workout wardrobe. You can buy trendy tracks and t-shirts and stay motivated to work out every morning.

    Hiit cardio workout on stairs

    4. HIIT: After you get going, you need to plan your workout too. If getting fit fast is on your mind, then try High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). The benefit of this form of training is that your body burns calories hours after you complete the workout. If you want to give HIIT a try, then run as fast as you can for 20-30 seconds and then jog for 2 minutes. Try this for 30 minutes and you will be exhausted and sweating. Keep increasing the target every day. Such and other forms of HIIT are there and you can try different trainings as per your convenience.

    5. Plan your Diet: Along with the workout, planning your diet is equally important. In fact, if losing weight is your target, then studies suggest it is 70% diet and 30% workout that will give you the result. So, an hour of gym will not give you the license to eat as you fancy through the day. It is essential that you plan your diet intake. Try different healthy food combinations and limit the consumption of carbohydrates and processed sugar. Make plans for 3-4 days, try and if it doesn’t work then plan another diet. Every food combination does not suit everyone, so you will need to plan and experiment.

    Plan Your Meal Chart on Notebook

    6. Work for Cheat Day: Follow your workout schedule and diet plan for that cheat day. Yes, plan your cheat day, as well. If you manage to reach your weekly, fortnightly or monthly weight loss target, treat yourself to your favourite food. It will be an incentive and will keep you motivated to reach your target.
    Try these means to achieve your weight loss and how to get fit fast. Whether it is that new workout wear or your favourite exercise that helps you get going every morning, simply put all means in place to achieve the end of a healthy and fit you. If you want to buy new tracks for gym or athletic jersey for running, then try the collection at Sporto has some trendy, colourful and awesome sports gear that will keep you going, every day.

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  13. How to Plan a Winter Workout Regime ?

    How to Plan a Winter Workout Regime ?

    Winters are here and the nippy weather outside must be making you lazy. You try giving your workout amiss almost every second day. Of course, who wants to wake-up early morning and brave the chilly weather outside. But, the winters are here to stay and you cannot afford to miss your workout for such a long time. This makes it essential that you plan your winter workout regime well, so that you don’t end-up putting back all the kilos you lost during summers.

    Try the following winter exercise tips and plan smart this winter.

    1. Change your Workout Routine:  Well, changing your winter fitness plan becomes important. Reconsider the timing as it is difficult to wake-up early morning. Maybe, plan your workout 30-45 minutes late from your usual timing. While, you get the incentive of more sleep, you will also benefit with a regular workout routine.

    Routine written on multiple blue road sign

    2. Follow Consistent Sleeping Pattern: You tend to feel sleepy during winters. This makes it essential that you follow a consistent sleeping pattern. Wake-up and sleep at the same time every day. When you have a regular bedtime, it will definitely make it easy for you to workout in winter.

    alarm clock

    3. Workout with a Friend: It is the best winter workout plan if you want to do it regularly. A workout companion will keep you going strong and long. Moreover, you will never keep your friend waiting. In fact, you have the inclination of performing better. Simply, buddy up with your training partner and get going.

    An image of two men at the gym

    4. Try Different Workouts: Going to the gym every day or doing yoga can get boring and will keep you off your workout schedule. So, instead of waiting to get bored and calling it off, it is best you try something different. Especially, during winters to keep you going strong, try a different exercise for winter months, something new, that way you will be motivated to work out. You can also try different workouts during the week. Maybe, alternate between gym and running or gym and yoga and keep going.

    fitness man doing exercises in the gym

    5. Workout at Home: You know the yoga poses and the gym exercises, then start working out from home. Don’t brace the chilly weather, stay warm and workout with ease from the comfort of your home. If you have any doubts, then go to an instructor. This will further help you follow your winter training plan diligently.

    Collage of young man doing different exercises on light wall background

    6. Workout Gear: Invest in some colourful and trendy workout wear that will motivate you to get up and get going. Some comfy tracks and warm, full sleeve T-shirts can be your best winter workout companion.

    If you are looking for such cool and classy workout wear, then check the collection here. Our winter collection has it all to keep you motivated. Dress chic and colourful and stay fit, this winter season. For full sleeves t-shirts for men click here and get men’s track pants online from here. At Sporto, you will find affordable workout wear and you can keep trying something new through the season, with ease. So, try these different winter fitness tips and stay healthy. Moreover, you tend to eat more and sleep more during winters, which works as an added advantage as you can work out much better. So, eat well, sleep well and workout well, this winter.

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  14. How to Boost your Metabolism?

    How to Boost your Metabolism?

    Metabolism is the rate at which body burns fat and converts it into energy. You can call it the fat burning engine in your body. But for each one of us this rate is different. While, some have a super-fast metabolic rate, others have it much slower and this can impact your body weight and appearance. Though metabolism is not solely responsible for weight gain or loss, but it has a significant impact. The good part is that even if you have a slow metabolism rate, you can stoke it with the below means

    A Healthy Breakfast: Kick start your day with a healthy and sumptuous breakfast. It will get your metabolism going. Plan this most important meal of the day because it is this one meal that gets the body out of the slumber mode. Eat a healthy and wholesome breakfast and give your body the right start.

    healthy breakfast

    Lean Proteins, A Must: Include lean proteins in your meals for that lean body composition. So, when planning your breakfast, include eggs with whole wheat toast, smoothie blended with frozen fruit and such other food combinations, which will help to maintain a leaner you.

    Colossal Macro Nutrients: When planning your meals incorporate carbohydrates, healthy fats and proteins. A blend of all these macro nutrients will give your body the push. Especially, give your proteins a precedence. Include fish, chicken, and lean cuts of red meats. You can also get your protein dose from low-fat or non-fat dairy products.

    top view colorful various food table

    Small, Frequent Meals:Start eating small meals periodically. Instead of three big meals a day, plan five to six smaller meals and give your metabolism the push to break down your food faster and better. Plan wholesome meals and include lots of veggies and fruits to enjoy the thermic effect.

    Drink Water, Aplenty: Your body needs to flush out toxins for which drinking plenty of water is essential. Have lots of water and if you want to add a bit of flavour, then opt for green tea. It is quite effective in stimulating your metabolism level.

    workout gears

    Optimal Workout: Well, we all know that some form of exercise on a daily basis is a must for each one of us. But, if you want to give your metabolism a push, then include some High Intensity workouts. Interval training is the best workout to burn those calories during and after workout. It keeps your metabolism going even after you finish the workout.

    Plan your workouts and go all out to accomplish them. Give yourself short but achievable targets. And to keep yourself motivated to invest in trendy workout wear. Buy tracks for gym and athletic jersey for your run that will give you the push every morning to get going and stay fit. For some awesome and trendy workout wear, check the range at and stay fit and look good, always.


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  15. How to Eat Smart, This Festival Season

    It’s time of the year to meet your friends and family, party not only over the weekends, but during the week, as well. Festivals are truly the most wonderful time of the year. There is joy, excitement and love. You get to meet people who matter, eat what you like and dress the ethnic way. But, it is also time of the year when you tend to go overboard in terms of food. Excessive sweets, unhealthy fats and food buffets spoil your fitness goals and you tend to gain weight. But wait? Why can’t you eat in moderation and manage your weight during festivities?

    Here are some tips for smartly partying during the festive season. If not shed more weight at least maintain it.

    1. Eat Something Before You Step Out: When going to meet friends or relatives, try to eat something before stepping out. It will help you control your food cravings after seeing the yummy spread. Maybe, a handful of almonds or peanuts, which will give you that feeling of fullness and you won’t to be tempted to overindulge in the lavish spread.

    2. Don’t Skip Meals: If you plan to skip breakfast because you had a big buffet the previous night, well you are approaching it all wrong. You can plan your meals and eat periodically. Skipping meals will be stressful for the body and you will end up consuming more calories during the day. So, plan your meals and eat in small portions. During festivals your body is under stress and it needs optimum nutrition.

    3. Work it Out: If you are eating, then don’t forget to work out. You should plan your yoga, gym or run and continue working out. Maybe, every day will not be possible during festivals, so work out whenever possible. Go running in the evening if you are not able to follow the morning ritual. Likewise, go twice or thrice a week instead of skipping physical activity all seven days.

    4. Portion Control, A Must: Fine, it is not possible to not have those gulab jamuns during Diwali parties? But have a bite or maximum two bites, instead of eating the whole jamun. Indulge in your sweets and other favourites, but in moderation. You will need to follow a portion control guide and track what you eat,if you want to indulge in your favourite foods.

    plate portion control guide, top view

    5. Don’t Stand & Eat: When you go for that Diwali dinner, don’t stand and eat. Take your favourites in moderation and then sit, and relish it. And definitely don’t stand close to the buffet table, otherwise it will be super hard to resist.

    6. Eat as per Your Plan: You will of course not be partying all seven days, but to think you had a big meal today and can give it a miss for the rest of the week will be wrong. So, if you have to party three days a week, at least eat as per the plan for the remaining four days. Bring in those lean protein foods, greens, salads and fruits back in your plate and feel healthy and better.

    So, with the onset of festivals it is essential that you plan your meals regularly and stick to your meal and workout guide. You need to stay in shape and look fab in your ethnic wear. Moderation and working out are the tips to avoid a festive season blow out. If you miss one day, don’t miss every day. Along with ethnic wear, do shop for your workout wear and stay motivated. Bring those tees and tracks in your festival wardrobe, so you have that kick of working out, as well. You can check for the latest trends and offers and get your favourite t shirts and tracks home delivered.

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