1. 9 Moves, 9 Changes You Need to Make During Navratri

    With the onset of Navratri, commences the holy month for Hindus. The period of festivities begins with the worshipping of goddess Durga for 9 days, which culminates with Dusherra celebrations. During these 9 days, many people observe fasting and refrain from consuming non-vegetarian food and alcohol. However, with so many and different food options that one can consume during this period, the fasting often leads to feasting. From indulging in fried food to eating high-calorie sweets, instead of shedding a few kilos at the end of the 9 days’ people tend to gain weight. So, let’s make this Navratri different for you. While retaining the essence of this festival, make these 9 moves and changes, and get the many therapeutic benefits of fasting and of a quick weight loss.

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  2. Reason Why You Should Weigh Yourself Every Day

    Are you on a weight loss mission? Are you trying different diets and workouts? Well, a weight loss journey is never an easy one. There are lots of dietary modifications and exercises that you need to try to get the desired results. Along with these modifications, taking inch measurements and weighing yourself is essential. However, should you weigh yourself every day, once a week or monthly? Here are some reasons why weighing yourself every day can be helpful in your weight loss journey.

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  3. 5 Bad Habits You Can Quit with Walking

    5 Bad Habits You Can Quit with Walking

    Old habits are hard to quit, and bad habits are even harder. We may not even recall when we embrace them and when they become a part of us. Moreover, the process of transformation is equally hard. Switching to healthy habits is not about succumbing to a new fad diet or trending exercise, it is about a lifestyle change and committing yourself to overall well-being. One such habit that everyone should embrace is to take up walking. It not only helps to boost your metabolism and keeps you active but can help in overcoming some bad habits too. Here are five such habits that you can quit easily with regular walking.

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  4. 5 tips for Meal-Timing to Make your Weight Loss Achievable

    Timing is everything, and its importance cannot be undermined in one’s weight loss mission. It is not just about what you are eating but also when you are eating. Every calorie counts when you need to see visible changes on the weighing scales. However, along with the calorie, it is also about the food timing for good health and weight loss. Try adopting the below tips to time your meals and see the results.

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  5. Tips & Tricks to Crush Fitness Challenges

    What is it that keeps you off that fitness challenge? Is it the fear of failure or the fear of dropping out early? Well, we all know that fitness challenges are a great way of reaching one’s fitness goals. However, maintaining the momentum often gets tough, and we end up wavering from the chosen path. The enthusiasm vanishes, and we are back into our slumber mode, eating whatever, whenever. So, should one not think about these fitness challenges, rather of any such fitness regimes? Well, you must and even try to achieve it with the below tips and tricks.

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  6. Eat More to Lose More? Is this the Right Strategy for Weight Loss?

    Understanding weight loss seems simple to most of us. Eat less, exercise more, and voila, you will shed those kilos easy. However, the problem starts when you are not able to lose weight by eating less i.e. you are managing the calorie intake and workout, and still there is no change on the weighing scales. If you are not eating enough calories and draining a significant chunk by exercising, then your body will not be able to manage the everyday tasks. Under this condition of low energy availability, your body may go into starvation mode and start conserving energy. This will result in weight stagnation or even weight gain in certain situations.

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  7. Social Fitness It Is!

    Social Fitness It Is!

    “Man is a social animal”, and the way social media is penetrating into everyone’s life makes this an absolute truth. We end up spending a significant part of our day on different social media platforms. A study conducted last year indicates, an Indian adult on an average spends 1 hour, 18 minutes on digital media. This time is bound to increase as the smartphone usage in the country has increased by 50% in the last five years and is estimated to reach 442.5 million by 2022. If the viewpoint of your peer’s matter, then make the most of it to benefit you in your fitness goals. It is a great way of keeping you motivated, making you accountable and of tracking your fitness. Use this social revolution to your advantage and say yes to social fitness.

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  8. A Superfood Guide: Introduce All Good Stuff in your Diet

    Is it possible to boost your energy levels, immunity, and cognitive function with the help of certain foods? Well, it is possible. Of course, it does sound too good to be true, but that is why they got the name of Superfoods. Though, there is no one food providing every benefit like building immunity and muscles. You can reap the many benefits by including some of these superfoods for weight loss and energy in your everyday diet. High in nutrients, they can boost the well-being, irrespective of the nature of your job. Whether you have a sedentary lifestyle or a super active one, these superfoods can aid your performance in every area of work.

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  9. Buddy Up: Make Partner Workouts Work, This Friendship Day

    It is time of the year to say Thank You to your dear friends for being there always. Whether it is your birthday, first day at work or just time for a party, you still have your friends with you. Now, with Friendship Day around the corner, it must be time to meet-up the whole gang and celebrate your friendship. How about talking and figuring out a workout buddy this year? Workout with friends has its amazing benefits and can keep you going all the way to achieve your fitness target.

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  10. Things You Should Know About the Right Workout Wear

    “Dress for success” is a phrase we often hear. However, when it comes to a workout routine, the dressing part is often overlooked. One tends to wear that old T-shirt and track, thinking it will have to be changed soon after the workout as one gets hot and sweaty. However, this may not be the right approach. Choosing the right workout clothes is important as it influences your performance.

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  11. 5 Reasons Why your Weight Isn’t Nudging Despite Exercise

    Working out rigorously every day at the gym? Not ditching your running schedule? But, still the weight refuses to budge? There are several things, which you will need to weigh and analyse before you get disillusioned and disappointed. So, here are 5 reasons why most people don’t lose weight despite a diet and exercise routine.

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  12. 20 Minutes A Day for an Easy & Effective Weight Loss

    Committing yourself to a weight loss routine can be a task. It becomes a bigger challenge if you have a busy work life schedule. Most of us end up dropping from this journey before we reach the target due to time constraints. Taking an hour for exercise and eating home cooked meals can become quite demanding. But, sparing 20 minutes every day can help you reach your weight loss target. Well, let’s map your weight loss journey here and make it a reality with 20 minute fat burning workout.

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  13. 5 Super Healthy Ways To Celebrate Your Birthday

    It’s Birthday Time! It is that time of the year when you celebrate your birth, your life. Why not? You are super special and need to treat yourself on your day. But, if you are on a getting fit journey, this year, then don’t let your birthday interfere with your plan. You can easily work things around and plan a healthy birthday party, this year. No, we are not saying you can’t hit the bar or indulge in your favourite platter? Rather, burn it and earn it. Read on to learn various healthy ways of commemorating your birth, this year.

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  14. Bid Goodbye to Bloating

    Bid Goodbye to Bloating

    Is bloating keeping you from looking and feeling your best? Even clean eating and workouts are failing to keep bloating at bay? Well, there is more to it. The gut bacteria, the microbes, which produce the brain chemicals, also have a connection with bloating. Your gut health is the root cause of many health conditions including acne, obesity and bloating. Even some inflammations and coronary heart diseases are due to poor gut health. So, if workouts, clean eating is not giving you the result, then it is time you make things better in your microbiome and work towards your gut health. Follow the below steps and see if you are able to bid goodbye to bloating and use it as an effective way to reduce belly fat

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  15. This Yoga Day Pledge to ....

    This Yoga Day Pledge to ....

    Start practicing yoga every single day. It is one form of workout, which you can practice, anytime, anywhere, and torch calories and de-stress. Yoga workout for men is for their overall well-being, and is being practiced the world over for its many benefits. There is an influx of yoga practitioners and enthusiasts the world over in the recent past, and it is for this reason that yoga studios and classes have mushroomed in every nook and corner. Here is why you should pledge to practice yoga, every day, this International Yoga Day

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