T-Shirts for Men

T-Shirts for Men

T-Shirt - A Man’s Staple

T-shirts nowadays are staple in every man’s wardrobe. Sporto T-Shirts for men are popular for their versatility and unmatched comfort. It is versatile as one can wear it with different bottom wear for almost, every occasion. Not just bottom wear, donning a cool t-shirt with a shirt is also in vogue. It is a style that many prefer to wear to enjoy a trendy look. Besides, it is one apparel, which is apt for that casual look to work on a Friday, for an outing with friends and family, and for the workout schedule. Wear it everywhere and anywhere and still enjoy a different look.

Even if you opt to buy T-shirts online for every casual occasion, you will still be able to wear a discreet look as it comes in such a fantastic variety. There are multiple options regarding colors, patterns, prints, fabrics, and necklines. You can wear something subtle in polo neck at work and a colorful, round neck one for a leisure day with friends. Coming in so many varieties, one can easily have a collection for various occasions. It is one faithful apparel, which takes center stage during the summer months and becomes a part of layering in winters. Though the life of this faithful apparel started as an underwear piece, it is now a must-have in every wardrobe.

Choose the Neckline for you

When it comes to choosing a T-shirt, there are different factors that one needs to take into consideration. Let’s start with the different neckline options. T-shirts come in various necklines like round, V and polo.

Apart from the above options, trending big are scoop or deep v necklines which look fab with denims and colorful cotton pants. Choose your style, your preferred neckline and let a comfy tee be your companion for everywhere you go.

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Round and high around the collarbone, it can give a
slimmer look. So, if one wants to give an impression
of a big upper body and broad shoulders, then a
round neckline can be apt.

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V neck t-shirts can give a sleek effect to the
neckline and a height effect. You can also wear
this neckline tee with a blazer and trousers for
a formal look.

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Polo T-shirts can be perfect for work and
weekend wear. Team it with a slim pair of shorts for
your polo match or trouser for that Friday look at

Pair your jeans with the Classic White

Along with neckline, there are plenty of options in terms of colors, prints and patterns. A white t-shirt is a true capsule piece, which is a must in every man’s wardrobe. Try a crew or v neck one for that rugged, manly look and polo neck for a formal appearance. A white t-shirt is a classic piece, which never goes out of fashion and is a statement piece by itself. It is an ultimate and must have in your wardrobe. Marry it with a pair of jeans, Bermuda or Capri and let your style do the talking.

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Colossal Colours, Prints to Explore

Colorful T-shirts are also a wonderful addition. They can speak much about your style and personality, and uplift your outfit. A colored tee can also create a textured look. Along with bright and bold tees, including some in neutral tones can give the much-needed balance to your wardrobe. So, with white opt for some in neutral color tones, which can be perfect summer wear too. When it comes to making your t-shirt collection include ones in colorful and subtle tone. Besides, t-shirts in shades of grey, black, blue and white are timeless fashion pieces, which are a must in every man’s wardrobe.

Stylish plain T-Shirt for Guys

Besides, the color and neckline, one is spoiled with choices in terms of prints, patterns, and plain t-shirts. Plain t-shirts are a wonderful thing. You can wear it with any bottom wear, a blazer or shirt and achieve the look you desire. However, along with plains having some printed and patterned collection is wise too. Tees coming in distinct prints can help to break the monopoly and give you a discreet look. So, have some classic collection and trendy ones, and enjoy the appearance you want.

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It’s All in the Fabric

T-shirts are made from different types of fabrics and by opting for ones with higher natural fiber content you benefit with a better quality. Among others, cotton remains a popular T-shirt fabric.

Breathable and comfortable, they are great when worn alone or under a blazer or suit. If you want that luxe kind, laid-back feel then nothing beats that cotton tee. Pima cotton is known for giving you that luxurious vibe. It is one of the best forms of cotton, great to touch and feel. But, if you want an easy to maintain, wash and wear variety, then look for options in cotton blend or polyester. These t-shirts are also comfortable and maintaining them is easy too. Along with the above options, if you want that perfect tee for workout purpose, then the sweat-wicking variety is the go-to option. A t-shirt made of this fabric will help you perform better and for long by wicking the sweat and providing you the much-needed comfort.

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Roll those Sleeves Up!

There are lots of options when it comes to t-shirts in terms of color, make, print and design. Even in terms of sleeves, you get the option of opting for a half and full sleeves ones. According to the climate and your preference, you can make your choices. Full sleeves t-shirts for men are great for marathon and winter season. Basically, when it comes to outdoor sports, you can opt for a full sleeve one if tanning tends to bother you. Whereas, half sleeves one are perfect for those who work out and stay indoors during the daytime. However, if half sleeves tees give you the comfort during summers, then wear it with ease and apply a layer of sunscreen to take care of tanning woes.

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How do you like your Tees?

Dress right and trendy with this versatile piece of clothing. When it comes to a t-shirt, it can actually be the starting point. It holds true in the absolute sense of a plain tee. You can actually shop your complete look around it. You can team it with a pair of denim jeans, layer it with a blazer or jacket. It is one piece around which you can easily build your complete outfit. If it is a plain, colorful tee you can wear it with a subtle shirt and wear a different look. Jeans and t-shirt are the best friends for those who want a casual yet classic look. A white tee with a pair of denims can never go wrong. It may sound boring, but this one is a hit pair in every party, fits correctly and brings your personality. However, if trying something trendy and different is on your mind, then chinos can be a nice change. They also work perfectly with a cool tee. Besides, if you want that popping look, then wear an open shirt with it to enhance the look. You can also team it with formal trousers and blazers for a casual, suit ensemble. In addition, pairing it with a track is the best thing you can do to yourself for a workout and athleisure purpose. This pair can provide an unmatchable comfort while working out and chill wearing it all day long.

Choose your Style!

Wear the look you desire, casual, smart casual or formal with your wardrobe staple – T-Shirt. However, when you buy it let the fit, color, quality, event, and neckline be the deciding factors. A slim fit one is trending big these days, but if you want the t-shirt to create a texture, then opt for a baggy one. If you opt for a slim fit tee, it can get you showing off too much, almost feeling like your skin. Likewise, neutral colors are the best bet in summers but don’t hesitate to give blacks and reds a try too. And never overlook the quality aspect. If you like your t-shirts to last long, then don’t compromise on the quality.

When it comes to the event, plain tees can be your everywhere companion. Don’t be scared to wear them in pubs and for dinners. Even when it comes to choosing men's casual t-shirts the neckline, try Vneck along with the crew. But, if you are hesitant then avoid the deep V ones.

Along with these, when it comes to choosing the sleeve length, ensure that it should fit before your bicep. Even the hemline should be around the belt line. It is fine to opt for something longer than the belt line, but anything shorter will look revealing and odd. When it comes to buying T-shirts there are no set of rules or guidelines. There are no strings attached, you can dress as you desire, team it with accessories you like and wear a look that defines your personality.


A T-shirt is a must-have in every man’s wardrobe. Whether you treat it as a staple or peripheral wear, no one can do without it. It is one of the hardest and most versatile pieces of clothing you will ever own. You can mix it and wear it differently, looking and feeling good. If you plan to stock up and build your collection, then the cool, colorful, classy and cult setting designs by Sporto will be tough to resist. There is a myriad of choices at Sporto for every occasion. Whether you are looking for something for gym wear or a game of basketball, there are options aplenty, and you can choose as per your liking and style preference. Carefully designed with close attention to aesthetics, if you are looking for cotton t-shirts for men online, then your search ends at Sporto. There are lots of color options with designer prints, embroidered logos, and fused brand patches. Resilient and heavy duty ones, these t-shirts from the house of Sporto will grace your wardrobe for a long time to come. Perfectly priced you can easily make a T-shirt collection for every occasion, for every purpose.

Versatile Tees By Sporto

The T-shirts by Sporto come in different neckline options. Made of rich, cotton fabric, they offer superior and lasting comfort. Most of the collection features 65% cotton and 35% polyester content and are perfect for everyday use. Even in terms of design, they are subtle and distinct. There is an infused branding patch on the back neck and new modern designed chest print. Strong ones, these tees come with seam stitch and will grace your wardrobe for a long time. Available in many attractive colors and sizes, you are sure to find something that best caters to your requirement. Besides, there are options in round and V-neck. These are the most popular and preferred necklines. The T-shirts & sports jersey for men at Sporto are in line with the international standards and physique of Indian males. You can view the size chart available on the website and order your tees.

Before you buy tees for men, you can check the delivery options by entering the pin code. You will get an idea of the approximate delivery date. After that, you can add the product to the cart, process the payment via the different gateway options and your T-shirt order is placed. However, if you are confused or wish to take an opinion from a friend, then you can add the product to wishlist or share using different messaging platforms. However, if there is any confusion pertaining to the product even after ordering our customer care is there by your side. You can email us at [email protected] or call at +91 9901117000, and we will have your query addressed. There are also some exciting offers on our product lines from time to time; you can learn more about it from the website and make the most of the offers while placing your orders.